Welcome to Aarhus SeaRangers

We guide in Danish and English.

Aarhus SeaRangers is a new institution of culture and marine life placed right in the heart of the city. We try to connect city and harbour to the ocean by arranging trips on the bay. We think that everyone should have access to the experiences you get from being on the water. That’s why our mission is to make the ocean accessible for everyone.

Our concept is RIB boats with a captain and a guide who will share their enthusiasm and fascination of the bay. During our trips we stop at different locations, and the guide will tell stories from the local area and tell about the marine biology as well.

On our trips we will dress you in clothing and lifejackets suitable for the weather – your safety is our first priority.

Recommended product: Aarhus from the seaside

Join Aarhus SeaRangers for a guided trip in Aarhus Bay. It is from the water, the city is best understood. Onboard you will be joined by a guide telling fascinating stories at exciting stops in the Aarhus Bay. The stories will center around the urban development of the new Aarhus Island, the bay biology and the vikings of Aros. If we are lucky we will spot seals and porpoises. We go on a fun, fast and safe trip so everyone smiles and experience the sea in front of the city. Come along and enjoy Aarhus from the seaside.

Recommended product: Expedition and adventure

We sail to Tunø, which is a small unique island in the middle of Aarhus Bay. You have to visit the island to fell the atmosphere and meet the friendly people. We start by getting picked up by a tractor that takes us around the island. Later we kick back in our nature camp where we have a nice outdoor dinner. Before sailing back in the sunset we can visit the old lighthouse/church tower. An ideal trip for a company lunch or a family trip.

For more information please contact us:

Phone: +45 72 16 19 95

Email: info@searangers.dk